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Minimi – Extra Large Hemp Night Insert


This extra-large hemp/cotton blend insert is made specifically for night-time and is one of largest available on the market. The super-sized insert is designed to fill the nappy pocket or lay on top of the stay dry layer if you wish. This is also able to be used with any night set up you may already have including covers, both PUL and wool.

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The first layer is a super soft mid weight 280gsm bamboo and cotton blend which is safe against baby’s skin and helps increase absorption rate so it can move through to the slower absorbing layers of hemp. Hemp is the thirstiest of materials and can hold the largest amount of fluid which makes it perfect for night-time.

Snaps at each end of the super large insert allow it to be customised to your baby’s needs.

With natural fibre sources of bamboo, hemp, and cotton, this insert is super trim and insanely absorbent. The insert is made up of 4 luscious layers of heavyweight hemp/cotton blend fleece and 1 layer of midweight 280gsm bamboo/cotton blend fleece. With 55% Hemp and 45% Cotton, there are no oil-based synthetics used in our absorbency.

Hemp is super absorbent but can be very stiff and needs some softening so is blended with another fibre. We choose to use cotton over polyester or microfibre, as we want our inserts to not only be long lasting but be biodegradable and compostable at their end of life.

Use our inserts to make custom absorption levels for night-time.

Stage 1 is the small day insert with the hemp booster. Perfect for babies starting to sleep for longer periods that need the extra absorption but are still having the nappy snapped small.

Stage 2 for when the small insert isn’t quite enough, the long day insert can be used instead of the small insert for medium wetters.

Stage 3 is the XL Hemp Night insert alone. Great for those that have started to soak through the small inserts. This suits medium wetters and older babies who have the nappy starting to snap in the larger sizes. This gives you greater coverage and seriously increases the absorption level. For some kiddos this may be all they need until they no longer use night nappies.

Stage 4 is the XL Hemp Night insert with the hemp booster. This gives you 10 layers of absorption, 9 of which are hemp! This is great for heavy wetters and bigger kiddos.

Stage 5 includes the large day insert at the front of the 2 hemp inserts (great for kiddos prone to flooding and need faster absorption or very, VERY heavy wetters like mine!) which gives you a whopping 14 layers of natural fibre absorption!

Inserts are designed to be larger to fit for longer, and to compensate for the normal shrinkage that occurs during washing and drying of natural fabrics. Hemp will shrink by a lot with repeated washing, which is absolutely normal and will improve absorbency.

For full absorbency to be reached our inserts need to be washed and dried 8-10 times, but one wash is all you need to prepare them for first use.

Carefully designed, tested, and used in New Zealand by a cloth mum and responsibly made in a small factory in China where the wonderful, experienced employees are treated fairly.


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