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Nappy Liners

Take the messy work out of using modern cloth nappies! The liner sits between baby and the nappy. At nappy change time, simply lift the soiled liner out of the nappy and flush away solids. Liners are also useful if you are using any nappy creams as they will help protect the nappies from any greasy build up of oils.

To use disposable liners, lie the liner flat over the nappy, do not fold as this could cause leakage. Once the nappy has been fastened, poke any excess liner back inside the nappy. For use in smaller nappies, such as a newborn size, liners can be cut down to size prior to use.

Please note even though some of these products will say they are flushable we do recommend to avoiding flushing wherever possible. You can rinse in the toilet first and then place in the rubbish bin. Definitely do not flush if you have old, narrow or damaged drains. Also being 100% biodegradable, liners that are only wet can go into the compost or worm farm

If you are looking for a reusable option then try the Minimi or Totsbots liners which are made from microfleece.

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