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How to boost a nappy in 5 easy steps!

As your baby’s needs change it may be beneficial to add boosters to your nappies to ‘boost’ the absorbency. Boosters are generally smaller than normal inserts but you can use spare inserts to boost if you want. As a general rule, a brand’s own boosters will probably fit your nappies the best so it’s worth trying them first, especially if you already have them (some brands include them with the nappy).

Step 1 – Choose the fabric. 
It’s often a good idea to use a different fabric to the nappy. If you have a natural fabric nappy (cotton, bamboo, hemp) adding a microfibre booster can speed up the absorption as microfibre absorbs more quickly than other fabrics. This is great when you have a toddler doing big floods very quickly. If you have a microfibre nappy, adding a natural fabric booster is a good idea because microfibre can leak when compressed whereas natural fabrics hold onto the liquid and will do so for a long time.

Step 2 – Choose a size of booster.
Most places give the measurements of the boosters they sell so measure the nappy to check. Any absorbent fabric sticking out of the nappy will cause leaks so you need them to fit inside the nappy properly.

Step 3 – Choose the placement. 
Boys often wee towards the front of a nappy and girls often wee towards the back or middle, but babies vary! Have a look at your baby’s wet nappies and work out where gets wettest. That’s where you need the most absorbency, so position the booster to cover that area. Folding boosters in half towards the front of the nappy can be helpful for boys and tummy sleepers. Another trick for tummy sleepers is to put a booster horizontally across the front of the nappy. 

Step 4 – Layer up! 
If your nappy has a stay dry layer or a fleece liner, try to position the booster underneath this unless the booster also has a stay dry layer. It’s usually best to have microfibre fabrics nearest baby (but never in direct contact with skin as microfibre can irritate) and natural fibres underneath, so layer up any inserts and boosters accordingly when possible. When using an AIO where you can’t choose the layers, just lay the booster inside the nappy, using a fleece liner if the booster is microfibre.

Step 5 – Put the nappy on your baby and check the fit. 
If the booster(s) cause the nappy to gape they are probably counter-productive, but if they fit well you’re good to go! With a fitted or flat nappy, you can place the booster between the nappy and the wrap to prevent the nappy gaping. In that case, check the fit of the wrap too.

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