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The Cloth Nappy Company is an online Modern Cloth Nappy (MCN) store based in Sandringham Auckland, New Zealand.
The Cloth Nappy Company was founded on the principles of quality, convenience, comfort and style. More and more parents today choose to use modern cloth nappies as an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to disposables. We only stock cloth nappy brands that we know are value for money and at the same time super high quality. We are committed to providing you with the best modern cloth nappies and associated products available.

Please feel free to browse our site. You will find our store is separated into nappy styles, all of which are clearly explained.
Our website also has a handy tips and facts section providing advice about cloth nappies & care, our cloth nappy newsletter, product reviews, and links to cloth nappy related publications that are availble online. Finally, if you come accross a sale elsewhere including any of the items in our product range, let us know and we'll try to match it!
We are aware that cloth nappies are another investment for new parents. At the same time though, it is important to realise that cloth nappies are the only piece of clothing that your baby is going to wear 24 hours a day for up to 2 ½ years. For added convenience we can provide you with a lay-by service so you can pay your cloth nappies off over a set period of time.
If you’d like to see & feel some cloth nappies and have your questions answered in person, or if online shopping just isn't you, why not organise a nappy chat for your antenatal group & friends? We can bring samples of our nappies, accessories and loads of information.  Contact us with any questions you might have, we are more than happy to help.
We are proud stockists of:
 REAL Nappies, TotsBots, Rockin Green, Close Parent Pop In, GroVia , Baby Beehinds, Rarpz, Bubblebubs and Bambino Mio


Product Reviews

Below we list the various reviews that we have received from our customers about the products they have bought. In addition, we have included some reviews that were posted on the internet regarding cloth nappies and related products included in our range (including the link where to find more reviews). We encourage you to send us your feedback!

The Cloth Nappy Company:

I have purchased all of my nappies from The Cloth Nappy Company and have been entirely happy with the service and advice I have received. I purchased all my nappies before my baby was born (first child) and I had no idea what I would be in for. I used them from day one and have been more than impressed and have been back for more as baby has grown. The only time when I am not impressed is when I have been caught short and had to use a disposable which ALWAYS ends in a leak or an explosion. I rave about them to all my friends and so does my husband and my day care centre. Thanks TCNC for everything!! (Received from Lisa by E-mail 27 Sept 2011) 

Mum's Secret

This moisturiser is great and works well as a gentle barrier cream without damaging your MCN's. (We have had too many accidents with other barrier creams used without liners!). It works well to clear up mild irritations too. I like that it can be used by all other family members too as a general moisturiser and/or for many other common complaints. A great all round product, will definitely be purchasing more. (Posted on, May 19, 2012)

I bought some of this after the coffee group. Love it, my mum even got some for herself because its a great facial moisturiser! (Posted on, May 16, 2012)

Has made my skin so much softer and nice. some on baby's bum, some on mum! (maybe wash your hands first though hehe).
(Posted on, May 21, 2012)

Bamboo Wipes

I loved the wipes and REALLY underestimated how many i would need. They are easy to take anywhere and are the softest things i've tried on the tiny baby bottom! So the decision to get more was easy. (Received from Faye by E-mail 6 March 2012)

TotsBots - Fitted Cloth Nappy:

Just to let you know that we love the new night time nappy!! Shes dry and it fits really well!!! It does however take a long time to dry the inner.......but thats not so much of a problem. Love the feeling of the nappy and how little bulk there is! (Received from Lisa by E-mail 26 Sept 2011).

Just want to tell you guys that i love the tots bots!! They are the best overnight nappies i have tried yet. Only need one extra booster for my 2yr old for 12 hours! I think that great. THANKS
(Posted on, August 10, 2011) 

I like the tots bots wraps the best as they don’t have the strong elastic so don’t leave marks but still manage to contain the mess. (Received from Mary by e-mail, November 7, 2011)

Real Nappies Flushable Cloth Nappy Liners:

Thanks so much for the nappy liner samples. Both the Little Lamb Paper Liners and the Real Nappies Corn Fibre Liners are faultless. Both caught poo well, and the poo seemed to stick better to the liners rather than to a wee bottom. I like to rinse and reuse 'pee-only' liners and both these liners rinse very well. They didn't end up mis-shaped and stretched like the viscose ones we currently use. So we'll definitely be ordering some once our current supply dwindles.
(Posted on, June 25, 2011)

Real Nappies - Prefold Cloth Nappy & Wrap:

I've used Real Nappies since my son was about 5 weeks old (now 9 months). I find them really easy to wash and any stains come out after soaking/washing or on drying in the sun. I like the natural fibres of the cotton and really notice a difference between a wet real nappies insert (no odour) and a wet microfibre insert of some other nappies that I have (strong odour!). Also very hard wearing and the great thing is that, as you go up the sizes, you can still mix and match the wraps and inserts (for around home) so you get a lot of use out of each size range! (Received from Emma by E-mail 23 Sept 2011). 

As a new Mum I was keen to provide my baby with the healthiest most natural start in life but found that often this idealist green approach was hard to maintain as our lives are much busier than that of our grandmothers who never had to take baby out in the car etc. So when a friend lent me the snug wrap to try I was sceptical that I could keep it up as I had failed with the pins and nappy pants before. However after two days I was on line and purchased my first set. The system is as easy to use as disposable nappy and I found I didn’t have to change any more than I did before, I have subsequently had three more children and apart from a couple of new wraps for my fourth have used the same ones. (Posted on, 9 November 2010)

Itti Bitti Tutto - One Size Fits All (OSFA) Cloth Nappy:

Hi ladies, I started using my itti bitti tuttos yesterday and I am in love. I love not hearing the plastic sound of disposables and love how snuggly they are. I am using the long soaker with the mini and last night Elliott slept for 8 hours so I was a bit panicky thinking we would end up with a wet bed. Just a very wet nappy, didn't even need a change of clothes! Will send a photo soon of his cute behind! Thanks again for all your help! (Posted by Deidre on, June 8, 2012).

Love Itti Tuttos they really are the perfect nappy. If you have two children of different sizes in cloth its so handy to be able to just adjust the poppers and fit either of them. The inside poppers are genius as they stop the sides drooping on an active toddler thus preventing leakage and the bright funky colours and patterns are very eyecatching and great for promoting cloth (Posted by Emma on, May 17, 2011)

Oh my goodness, I am such a BAD MOTHER! I completely forgot to change LO after her nap so she was in a Tutto for… ahem… nearly 8 hours! I just took it off and it was nearly as heavy as a night nappy after a full night, but her skin was pretty much dry. I’m very impressed, and this is after just one wash (I did use a bamboo mini booster but still very impressive). (Posted by Rachel on, May 31, 2011)

Pop In nappies by Close Parent:

I love the Pop In nappies- they haven't leaked and look so cute! Plus it's not bulky. I think I'll have to keep increasing my stash of them; I have used the Pop In more than all my other nappies. (Received from Deborah, via email, October 10, 2012)

Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent:

I've tried Lavender Mint Revival in Hard Rock and find it awesome. It cleans really well and leaves no stinkies! I find I don't need to do a final rinse as there is no soap residue. Really pleased and I will be continuing to use it.

I was absolutely delighted with this product. It cleans the nappies thoroughly and there is no stink anymore. I wont be using anything else. - Fantastic for hard water!! I washed some nappies that had been sitting in storage and they came out smelling sweet and clean - highly recommend, especially for those with hard water. I have struggled to find a laundry powder that is suitable for both nappies and hard I have Rockin' Green!

I have the Classic Rock and I love it! I was embarrassed to use our cloth nappies around other people because the second they got a fresh wee in them they would smell terrible :( and I didn't want to put people off cloth nappies. I was constantly having to strip wash them and now that I think about it my son would get a rash pretty frequently which I guess wash due to the detergent build up in the nappies from my other washing powder. Well anyway there's no more YUK smells and no more rash and I'm back to using cloth all day since starting with this. We cold wash with a double rinse and air dry. So happy with Rockin Green and will be buying again. (Posted on



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