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Rarpz Bamboo Trifold Soaker

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Bum Rarpz soakers are made with 70% bamboo and 30% certified organic cotton.One soaker used during a day-time nappy change will give you 3-4 hours of absorbency. To use your Bum Rarpz cloth nappy overnight simply double up your soakers (use two).

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They are a generous size with two fabric layers serged together with variegated Maxi-Lock thread. When folded they give your baby 6 layers of absorbency. You can fold them long-ways or sideways depending on which nappy setting you are using. One way gives you a shorter soaker, suitable for the small cloth nappy size. The other way gives you a longer soaker which fits your medium and large cloth nappy sizing. The soakers come with stitch guidelines to make folding effortless and to increase strength and durability.

To use, simply place your Bum Rarpz bamboo soaker through the double elastic pocket opening at the back of your nappy. Alternatively you can also use them sitting on top of the microfleece lining of your nappy and use the nappy shell as a ‘cover’, much like a prefold. The bamboo is gentle enough to sit next to your baby’s skin. Bum Rarpz bamboo soakers will fit most pocket nappy and cloth nappy shell brands.

The cotton in our soakers is certified organic (GOTS).


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